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Clothes maker wants to expand into new markets

A clothing manufacturer is looking to expand its sales into countries where its 3D printing technologies are not yet widely used.Clothes maker Dosch 3D Clothing wants to sell clothes in countries where 3D printed clothing is not yet available.The company’s founders say they are aiming to open a 3D manufacturing plant in the United States […]

When the 4-year-old washes up: Clothing 4-Year-Old ‘Weaving in Clothes’

When the 3-year old washes her face, her 5-yearold brother “is making sure that it doesn’t get muddy” by using a cloth weaver.When the 3 year old was washed and dried, she used a cotton swab, which she wrapped in plastic and then wrapped around the clothes, so it “won’t dry out”.This makes her clothes […]