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When Revit 3D Clothing Creates 3D-Printable Clothing for Your Body 2: The Future of 3D Download

The 3D clothing maker Revit has released a new model that is capable of creating 3D clothes from a single 3D model.The model has been created using a special software that uses software to convert 3D images into a 3D file, which can then be converted to 2D images using a computer program.It’s basically an […]

Why 3D clothing is so cool again, this time with Photoshop 3D

3D printing is rapidly evolving into a powerful tool for clothing and apparel.With the advent of 3D printers, manufacturers can create garments that are both wearable and durable.And with more 3D-printed clothing products popping up every year, you can see why.But what makes 3D printed clothing a unique opportunity?We spoke to the people who are […]

What to expect from CES 2018

CES 2018 is on Tuesday.We have some exciting announcements to share.Here are some things to expect.3D printed clothing and 3D clothing illustrations from 3D printing company 3D Printing Alliance (3DFA).3D print clothing, clothing accessories, footwear and accessories for use with 3D printers.3d printing clothing, apparel accessories, and accessories.3-D printed shoes and accessories that allow you […]

Free 3D clothing app now available for Android 3D devices

Free 3d clothes app, 3D sent clothing and designer clothes now available to Android users.The 3D Clothing app allows users to resize their 3D printed clothing with a range of 3D printing options including ABS, ABS PLA, PET, ABS and other materials.3D Printed clothing has been used to create a range for fashion designers, including […]