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The Best of the Year: 2016 3D Prints

This year saw the emergence of 3D printing as a viable alternative to traditional 3D printers.3D Printing is an industry where you can make anything from 3D-printed houses to miniature replicas of real-life things.However, 3D printed objects are still quite expensive, and often times difficult to print.Luckily, there are a handful of 3-D printed houses, […]

How to make a 3D garment from a single piece of fabric

3D printing is being used to create new designs for everyday wear.The idea behind it is to replace expensive fabrics with less expensive materials to create garments that are more durable, lighter and more wearable.3D clothing is now a major technology, with companies like 3D Systems, Zappos and H&M already making some of their clothing […]

How to Stop 3D Clothing 3D Scanning the US

Posted by Adam Leibenluft in 3D printing,3D scanning,marijuana,printing,surgery,meth source National Journal title 3D Printing Technology, Drugs, and the Marijuana Issue article Posted By Adam LeIBENLUFT in 3DPrinting,3DPrint,maine,drugs,drug legalization article Marijuana legalization and drug policy, 3D scanning and medical marijuana, 3d printing and 3D-printed drugs, 3-D printing and marijuana.This is a very interesting article that talks […]

How to Dress for Christmas 3D

New clothes, including 3D cloths, will be available in stores around the country starting on Dec. 23.They’ll include a range of styles, from basic fabrics such as polyester and cotton to more elaborate creations such as lace and satin.The clothing will be customizable.Read more about Christmas and 3D clothing:Here are the first details:New styles of […]

How to get 3D printed clothes to your home

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