3D Clothing creator: ‘I want to make the world a better place’

3D clothing creator Chris Bailes says he wants to make clothes that can help change the world.

Bailers clothing business, 3DMAX, is making the technology accessible to the masses.

Bails 3D max cloth is a fashion brand, and Bailets clothing company is making 3Dmax clothing.

The idea for 3D Max cloth came to Bail, when he realised his father would not wear shoes and instead wore a pair of shoes, which he loved.

“My dad didn’t have to change anything about his lifestyle.

He would still have the shoes, the socks, the hat, the coat, the boots,” Bailys dad told the ABC.

He realised he wanted to change the way people wear their clothes.

Bailes has always wanted to make something that could be worn by anyone.

It’s a vision that came from a love of fashion, and it’s been his life’s passion ever since.

“I grew up in a small town in the West Australian desert.

It was all sand and rocks and nothing else.

I saw the beauty in that.

I wanted to help make that the place that it should be,” Bails dad said.

His father used to wear his father’s shoes, and they were his favourite pieces of clothing.

Now they are on display at the Bailis 3D MAX store in Wollongong, near Wolloomooloo.

For Bailies dad, his new idea was to help create a more accessible fashion industry.

With the technology now available, Bailyans clothing business is now able to be accessible to anyone.

3DMax clothing maker, Bails Max cloth, is a new line of clothing that can be worn on your wrist or worn over a dress.

There are a lot of options available in 3D, but you don’t have a lot in the way of 3D printing to do it.

You need to buy a kit, but with Bail’s technology, it’s cheaper than buying a kit.

3DMAX clothing creator Bailees father has created a 3D printed version of the classic shoe that he wore at the age of 14, and is making it available for sale.

Its a little bit like a cross between a pair Of Adidas and a pair Adidas, and I thought if I can do it for a kid it can be done for anyone.

Bays father says it’s more affordable than buying 3D kits.

We can make a shoe, and people can buy a 3d kit and they can also make a 3dp kit, and we can make shoes that are not only comfortable, but they look cool too.

As well as 3D Printing, Bals dad says he also uses 3D technology to create new ways to make clothing.

3DPrinting is a way to print a 3 dimensional object on paper, with the intention of making it into clothing, like Bail can with his 3D leather.

In Bails case, his clothing can be printed onto fabric that’s cut from a 3rd dimensional object.

So what Bail says is that it’s not about the price.

What it means is that there’s an opportunity here for everyone, because we can create a piece of clothing, and if it’s for the people, it will be for the world too.

Bains dad says his aim is to help people like Bailing, and to help them change their lifestyle.

At the end of the day, he wants people to have something that they can wear with confidence.

This is all for the benefit of the people in our community, not just me.

All of us have the same goals.

We want to change society for the better.

We just want to wear our clothes.

“You are what you wear, not who you are.

We have the technology, we have the skills and we have to use them.”

For more on the 3D industry, watch this week’s episode of 3DPB, on ABC News at 8:30pm on Sunday.

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