Clothes maker wants to expand into new markets

A clothing manufacturer is looking to expand its sales into countries where its 3D printing technologies are not yet widely used.

Clothes maker Dosch 3D Clothing wants to sell clothes in countries where 3D printed clothing is not yet available.

The company’s founders say they are aiming to open a 3D manufacturing plant in the United States by 2020, and then expand into other markets, including Australia and New Zealand.

The plan is to have at least 50 employees by the end of 2020.

Clothing 3D prints clothes with a 3-D printing technology which, when printed, gives them the look of clothes that were previously made by hand, but which are then printed on 3D printers.

It is also possible for 3D-printed clothes to be made from scratch.

Dosch 3DR clothing has already established itself in the fashion industry.

Its new product is called the 3D Lace, which is a new type of dress, which can be made with the help of a 3d printer.

The clothes are made with traditional fabrics, but it also prints clothes in nylon, rayon and spandex, according to a statement by the company.

The idea of using 3D technology to make clothing, Dosch said in a statement on its website.

Dosesch 3DL clothing is expected to start its business in 2019.

It will open an office in Australia in 2020, with plans to open an Australian factory in 2021.