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Clothes maker wants to expand into new markets

A clothing manufacturer is looking to expand its sales into countries where its 3D printing technologies are not yet widely used.Clothes maker Dosch 3D Clothing wants to sell clothes in countries where 3D printed clothing is not yet available.The company’s founders say they are aiming to open a 3D manufacturing plant in the United States […]

Aussie fashion designer turns to 3d printing for a new fashion trend

3D printed clothing has been in high demand for some time now, with companies like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and even The Guardian all printing their own clothes out of 3D printers.But while some are making clothes using traditional processes and others are simply using cheaper materials like cloth, the trend […]

How to use 3D Clothing Simulation to design clothing for 3D modeling

How to Use 3D Cloth Simulation to Design Clothing for 3G Modeling article How To Use 3d Clothing Simulation To Design Clothing For 3D Modeling and 3D Animation source TechRadar title The 3D clothing simulation that works for your 3D model article 3D clothes simulation is a way to create realistic 3D textures for a […]

3d clothing mockup – 3d knitting clothing visualization

3d Knitted Clothing – The 3D Knitted clothing mockups are here!You can use the 3d yarn and stitch to create clothing for your game.3D knitting clothing mock up – 3D yarn and knit clothes mock up. source The Sports Bible title 5D knitting clothes mock-up – 5D clothing visualization source The Games Journal title 5d […]

How 3D Clothing Rack is an awesome DIY project that can transform your home

3D clothing racks have become a staple of home decor in recent years.But there’s one trick to getting your home into the 3D game, and that’s by turning your existing furniture into 3D printing equipment.3D Printing is the process of making objects from scratch.In this case, you’d be turning your old, rusty, and broken furniture […]