How to create 3D clothing maps with the Clothe app

Designing 3D clothes is all about combining the best elements of fashion with the best of technology.

The Clothe team has made some amazing discoveries in this area with the app, and their latest release offers some new options for the fashion maker.

Clothe 3D Maps allows designers to create new clothing maps from scratch.

You can drag and drop objects to create a 3D view of your designs, or even edit existing maps to bring your designs to life.

It’s an easy way to quickly create your own unique 3D models from the ground up.

The app features the ability to create an open-source 3D model.

That means you can build your own 3D map with a few clicks and share it with others.

And, you can even save your map as a 3-D file so that it can be easily uploaded to other apps or websites.

You don’t have to worry about saving the model to a physical file if it’s not needed.

Clothes 3D is compatible with any iOS device.

The first version is currently available for free on the App Store.

You can download the Clothes app for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.