“I’m a designer, not a product” – The Verge

By now, most of us have seen at least one 3d printer, and in recent months, the technology has come under fire from many quarters.

As 3d printing becomes more popular, it’s becoming increasingly important to make sure that the devices are safe, that the products are manufactured in an environmentally friendly way, and that the materials used are sustainable.

But there’s one thing that’s been lacking from 3d printers: a good way to test and evaluate their performance.

“It’s important to test your own products,” says Chris Smith, CEO of 3D Designers Lab, an app that makes it easy to create 3d models and test them on a variety of 3d printed objects.

Smith’s app, available on Android and iOS, has been used to help 3d designers test their own products, including jewelry, clothing, toys, furniture, and even shoes.

It’s also the tool for many companies to test the performance of their 3d manufacturing processes.

The app’s interface, which is currently in beta, allows users to print out their models and upload them to 3d design studio 3D Lab.

Each model is printed on a separate piece of 3dsprite, a 3d printable 3d material that uses a laser to create a 3D object.

Smith says that the team has found that the most common problems that 3d artists face with their designs are not problems with the design itself, but problems with their printer.

“In our experience, people are a bit overwhelmed when they go to print their designs,” Smith says.

“They’re afraid they’re going to be making something wrong and that they’re not going to look as good as they think they are.”

That can be especially true if they are working on a larger-scale, professional-scale project, where they want to create high-quality prototypes for clients.

To address this issue, the team created the 3d Printer Simulator app, which allows users a way to create and test their designs on a large scale, while keeping a close eye on their printer’s performance.

The goal is to provide a platform for 3d designs to be tested and evaluated, as well as for companies to share their work with the 3D printing community.

3D Printer Studio allows users the ability to print a large amount of models in a short amount of time.

Users can then test their printed designs in real-time on a number of different objects, from a chair to a kitchen table.

“What we’re trying to do is really make the app a bit more accessible to the masses, as a way for them to try out their own designs,” says Smith.

“So it’s not just a simple tool, but it’s a tool that gives them the ability, for example, to print one design and then have them print another one.”

3D printer testing is an important step in making sure that your designs are safe and your materials are sustainable, but many designers still find it difficult to access the tools and processes necessary to get started.

The 3d Designers Laboratory app is available for free on Google Play.

You can also access the app on the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, but the app is currently only available for the Apple Watch.