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How to Dress for Christmas 3D

New clothes, including 3D cloths, will be available in stores around the country starting on Dec. 23.They’ll include a range of styles, from basic fabrics such as polyester and cotton to more elaborate creations such as lace and satin.The clothing will be customizable.Read more about Christmas and 3D clothing:Here are the first details:New styles of […]

Blender 3D clothing creator dies at age 50 from a heart attack

Posted September 24, 2018 06:16:34Blender 3DS, the 3D modelling software and clothing creator from Vancouver, B.C., died Wednesday.Blender is the first of its kind.Its creator, a man in his sixties, died from complications from heart disease at his home in Surrey.His wife, Margaret, says the company is still going strong and will continue to operate […]

Which of these 3D photo editing programs are you using?

3D Camo Clothing 3D Camera is a software package for the creation of 3D clothing images in the Adobe Camera Raw format.3D Clothing allows you to create 3D photos of clothing that are produced with the Adobe Photoshop or After Effects software.3d Clothing is a free software package.The program supports a variety of hardware platforms.3DPrinting3D […]

How to Get an Apocalyptic Clothing Apocalypse from 3d printing

I have no idea if you are reading this, but 3d printed clothing is coming to the market.3D printing is a new technology, but it has been around for a while, and the industry is poised to dominate 3d fashion.There are several factors that make 3d fabrics more affordable and versatile.A new technology that has […]