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4 more 3d printing cloths and clothing templates to make for your home in 2018

3D printing technology is advancing quickly and with great promise.And with new products popping up on the market, we’re going to see more 3D printed products available for use in our homes. With a growing number of 3D printer models being available, the question of which models are the best to use and which are worth […]

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Why 3D clothing is so cool again, this time with Photoshop 3D

3D printing is rapidly evolving into a powerful tool for clothing and apparel.With the advent of 3D printers, manufacturers can create garments that are both wearable and durable.And with more 3D-printed clothing products popping up every year, you can see why.But what makes 3D printed clothing a unique opportunity?We spoke to the people who are […]