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3d clothing mockup – 3d knitting clothing visualization

3d Knitted Clothing – The 3D Knitted clothing mockups are here!You can use the 3d yarn and stitch to create clothing for your game.3D knitting clothing mock up – 3D yarn and knit clothes mock up. source The Sports Bible title 5D knitting clothes mock-up – 5D clothing visualization source The Games Journal title 5d […]

How you can get 3D Ruffle Clothing for your next costume party

If you’re a fan of the 3D rendering clothing craze, you’ll definitely be getting some in the coming weeks and months.The 3D clothing crafters are currently gearing up for the annual 3D printing craze that will run from June 23-25, when companies around the world will print millions of 3D printed clothing pieces.The craze has […]

A Brief History of Knitting: The Rise and Fall of the Classic 3D Textiles

By Emily Boudreau, A.K. Williams, and Julia E. SmithThe rise of 3d knitting has been heralded as a way to democratize the craft and bring down prices.Its popularity has been driven by its ease of use, its accessibility, and its perceived simplicity.However, it has also been met with skepticism, as its simplicity and accessibility have […]