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How to buy 3D clothing for your character

Posted October 19, 2018 11:05:55 When you purchase clothing in the Marketplace, you can choose between 3D characters and 3D outfits.These are two completely different worlds with totally different styles and functions.There are some options to choose from, but you’ll have to make a hard decision for yourself.Your character’s name will show up on the […]

When Revit 3D Clothing Creates 3D-Printable Clothing for Your Body 2: The Future of 3D Download

The 3D clothing maker Revit has released a new model that is capable of creating 3D clothes from a single 3D model.The model has been created using a special software that uses software to convert 3D images into a 3D file, which can then be converted to 2D images using a computer program.It’s basically an […]