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Blender 3D clothing creator dies at age 50 from a heart attack

Posted September 24, 2018 06:16:34Blender 3DS, the 3D modelling software and clothing creator from Vancouver, B.C., died Wednesday.Blender is the first of its kind.Its creator, a man in his sixties, died from complications from heart disease at his home in Surrey.His wife, Margaret, says the company is still going strong and will continue to operate […]

How 3D Clothing Rack is an awesome DIY project that can transform your home

3D clothing racks have become a staple of home decor in recent years.But there’s one trick to getting your home into the 3D game, and that’s by turning your existing furniture into 3D printing equipment.3D Printing is the process of making objects from scratch.In this case, you’d be turning your old, rusty, and broken furniture […]

How to make 3D clothing 3D from scratch using a computer

The Post article The new 3D printing technology is here, and it’s changing the way we make things.The latest breakthrough, developed at the University of Maryland, has allowed researchers to create new types of clothing that are both flexible and durable.But they have one big limitation: They’re not quite 3D.3D printed clothing doesn’t look exactly […]