This ‘toxic masculinity’ is the reason so many women choose not to wear makeup

This toxic masculinity, according to women who aren’t comfortable wearing makeup, is why so many of them choose to not wear it.

“I know people are worried about their health and the impact it’s going to have on their looks, but it’s not really that simple,” says Katrin Biermann, a makeup artist who recently started a Patreon page for her own products.

“It’s actually really about the way it feels in your body.”

“I have to wear a mask to get my work done,” she says.

“When I look at myself in the mirror, I feel the mask is putting pressure on my face, and I’m thinking, ‘This mask is really uncomfortable.

I need to put it off.'”

Biernds self-proclaimed “toxic masculine” persona was inspired by the men she encounters on social media.

She also has a Tumblr dedicated to her work, where she shares pictures of herself with makeup and hair.

But she also believes that this toxic masculinity is more prevalent than people think.

“The things that make me feel really angry, the things that keep me up at night, are all related to what men are doing to women and men in general,” Biernda says.

For her, it’s all about how these images are communicated to men.

She says her “toxicity masculinity” is a product of how her male fans communicate to her.

She describes her own response to a Facebook message from a male friend: “You should see what’s in front of you.

There’s a woman in the background.

She’s getting dressed.”

She says the image of the woman on the background, or the “she” in the caption, isn’t really what’s happening in her mind at all.

She tells The Verge that she’s not surprised to see her toxic masculinity get so much attention online.

“These messages are not just coming from the men I know, they’re coming from all the women,” she said.

“There’s a whole spectrum of toxic masculinity out there.

I think that’s a huge part of why it’s so difficult to really talk about it.”

Bierrais’ toxic masculinity has inspired her to create a line of makeup, including a lip balm called “tumult.”

“In order to talk about this, I had to go back to the beginning,” she explains.

“In high school, I started wearing makeup in public.

I didn’t even know how to apply it, and the only way I could get the product off was to put my face in the bowl of it.”

“There was this image that I had of this woman that looked like she was wearing a mask,” she continues.

“And that’s exactly what I thought I was doing.”

But the photo in her head was different.

“You can tell it’s me because it’s the image I’m seeing,” she adds.

“But in reality, that’s just the way I am.

I was so invested in that image that it was hard to break away from.”

In her Tumblr, she explains that she felt like she had to make a decision about her toxic masculine image in order to break free of it.

She writes that her toxic male self has led her to focus on the “torturing and humiliation of women” instead of the “feminine beauty” that makes her happy.

“For me, the most important thing to be is a woman, not a man,” she wrote.

“So, I decided to take the toxic masculinity I was using to create my own product and use it to create beautiful women who feel beautiful, too.”

The beauty of her product, Bierda says, is in the “beauty” of it all.

“That’s what makes my product so great,” she writes.

“Because I don’t think about my toxic masculinity as a product.

It’s in my heart.”

But Bierva says the only difference between herself and the other women in her Instagram feed is that she uses makeup, not makeup products.

That’s a difference that Bierrds hopes will inspire others to take up toxic masculinity.

“We’re seeing this stuff pop up everywhere, but there’s not much that’s actually changing,” she tells The Guardian.

“This toxic masculinity that is spreading is a huge thing.”