What to wear for the holidays: 3D clothing

3D clothes are being worn by many hockey players, as they gear up for the festive season, including Ryan Miller, who has taken a few cues from the trend.

Miller was one of the first to jump on the bandwagon, and his clothing line Revit has a trend of 3D jerseys.

His latest collection is designed for the holiday season, and it’s made of fabric from 3D printing.

The collection is available now for a limited time.

Miller is one of several players who are taking cues from 3DPrint, which is an international 3D printed clothing brand.

The 3D printer is a computer that creates 3D models of objects.

The process involves the printing of layers of plastic, which are then combined with the materials used to make the clothing, creating an intricate, 3D object.

Revit was founded in 2014 by two brothers, Eric and John Stavros.

The brothers said they started with a couple of goals: to design clothing that could be worn in 3D.

The two brothers started by designing 3D printable t-shirts for their own business, but the first company they started was a 3D-printed shirt.

They decided to focus on clothing for athletes, and the product quickly caught on.

They’ve since created several other clothing lines, including Revit Sportz, which sells a line of 3DP printed jerseys.

Revidit, which launched in 2014, sells shirts with logos from the NHL, NHLPA, and NHLPA.

They also offer jerseys and other 3D apparel.

“Our mission is to bring people together in one place, and we think it’s a great way to bring together people from all over the world,” John Stackel, who is the president of Revit, told Business Insider.

“Theres a lot of sports fans in the world, so you can see people from the U.S. and all over, so theres a pretty high level of interest in the sport and the players, so I think thats a really good way to do that,” Stackell added.

The three-piece Revit line is made from cotton, polyester, and nylon, and comes in three sizes.

It has a wide variety of designs for different occasions.

For example, the 3D jersey for the team’s upcoming playoff game against the Philadelphia Flyers features a logo on the chest and collar, as well as the words “The Hockey Gods”.

It also features a design for the NHLPA logo on a jersey.

The jerseys are also available in black and white, which features a subtle red color.

Revit also offers jerseys with an image of the team logo on one side, a logo of a hockey player on the other side, and a logo from the Philadelphia Eagles on the jersey.

Some of the jerseys feature logos from other sports, like the Washington Capitals and the New York Islanders.

It is possible to customize the jersey with any of the logos from sports teams, or even create your own logos.

It’s not the first time a team has taken 3D design into the fold.

The Los Angeles Kings had a logo printed onto their jersey earlier this year.

The Revit shirts come in three different sizes, from small, medium, and large.

The small shirts have a design on the left breast, and two words “Loyalty”.

The medium shirts have the logo on both sides of the jersey, and are available in a black or white version.

The larger sizes are available as a limited edition.

They include a hoodie, jersey, hat, and even a special edition t-shirt.

They are $75, and can be purchased from Revit or through retailers like Nordstrom.

Revitts 3D Clothing will be available for purchase in stores and online through Jan. 19.